Important Circulars on Free Laptops Scheme:

  ⬗ Circular - Regarding SC/ST Students Laptops-Instructions 9th Oct 

Circular - Regarding SC/ST Students Laptops 31st Oct

Circular - Final list(ShimogaMysuru,Kalaburgi) - Collegewise laptops
      to be Supplied for SC/ST Students
25th Oct
Power Point Presentation - Presented in the Principals Meeting 24th Oct
Circular -Submission of Updated and signed SC/ST Students list for
      free laptops to Headoffice and Joint directors office
17th Oct

  ⬗ Meeting Notice- GFGC Principals,IT & NAAC Coordinators13th Oct

  ⬗ Circular -  SC/ST Student Laptops-Instructions to all Joint Directors

  ⬗ Circular -Video Conference - all GFGC Principals on 16/10/201713th Oct

  ⬗ Circular -Updating SC and ST Student List (Admitted for FIRST year
      during 2016-17) for Free Laptop Scheme
11th  Oct

  College-wise Student Lists for Free Laptop Scheme 11th  Oct
      - For downloading by colleges, Publishing the concerned List of
        Students on College Notice Boards
Final list of Students  for free Laptops to SC/ST Students
  Bengaluru Region
Dharwad Region
Mysuru Region
Shimoga Region
Mangalore Region
Kalaburgi Region
Power Point Presentation
Presented in the Principals Meeting
24th Oct
Steps to be Followed at the College after receiving LAptop Consignment:

  After reception of Sealed Carton Boxes containing Laptops and Bags, wait
      for the Laptop Service Engineer and Third Party Inspection Engineer to
      visit the college.

  College staff shall not open Sealed Carton Boxes.

  Laptop Service Engineer will open Sealed Carton Boxes containing
      Laptops, carry out the functional test of all laptops and submit Laptop
      Test Report, with Laptop Serial Numbers, to the College.

  Third Party Inspection Engineer will carry out the Post-Delivery Inspection
       of Laptops, as per DCE work-order for Post-Delivery Inspection, and
       submit Laptop Inspection Report to the College.

  Take the Inspected LAptops into College Stock by making the entry in
      Stock Book,in the specified format available on DCE website.

  A meeting is organized at Davanagere, to formally distribute Free Laptops
      through Honourable Chief Minister, on 18th of October, 2017 at 2 PM.

  Laptops shall be disbursed to Students at Colleges ONLY AFTER 18th
      October 2017.

  Further details will be issued by the DCE regarding CM Program and on
      Distribution of free Laptops from time to time.
Standard Formats for
  1 Student Information Format with Declaration
  2 Stock Book Entry Format
Urgent :Distrubution of Free Laptops to SC & ST Students
   Distrubution of Free Laptops : 1st Jan
Circular - Distrubution of Freelaptops - Bengaluru Urban & Bengaluru Rural- Regarding Transportation Expenses 30th  Dec

Circular - Distrubution of Free Laptops to SC & ST Students-Koppal,Dharwad,Mangaluru,Belagavi 30th  Dec

  Circular - Distrubution of Freelaptops to SC&ST Students 29th  Dec