People have a paramount respect for scholarship and learning greatly out of proportion to the use they commonly serve.

In order to provide necessary encouragement and motivation to pursue higher education the Department of Collegiate Education is providing Scholarships to
meritorious and economically backward students studying at Government as well as Government Aided First Grade Colleges.

1.   Sanchi Honnamma Scholarship:
This scholarship began in the year 2002-2003 for meritorious girl students so as to encourage them to pursue higher education. This is specifically meant
for girl students who have scored high marks in II year PUC.

2.   Sir C.V. Raman Scholarship:
This scholarship was launched in the year 2001-2002. This scholarship focused on encouraging students studying in science stream. It is meant for
talented and meritorious students who are pursuing their education in basic sciences in government and private aided degree colleges.

3.   Kittur Rani Channamma Puraskar:
This scheme began in the year 2006-07. It was meant to encourage girl students, who have finished their studies in the II PUC, pursuing their higher education
through CET examination by taking up vocational courses. If the students fulfill the criteria mentioned below, the government shall repay the amount paid by
the student. For this award from every district, 10 girl students are selected by a committee headed by the District Commissioner. They shall get the award till
they complete the course provided they clear the course in one attempt.

4.   Scholarship for HIV/AIDS or Leprosy Infected Parents’ Children:
Students infected from HIV/AIDS or Leprosy and students born to HIV/AIDS or Leprosy infected parents’ (dead or alive) children are eligible to get free
education and scholarship.
This scheme began in the year 2013-14.
Eligibility criteria:
HIV/AIDS or Leprosy infected parents’ (dead or alive) children.
> Without overlooking the present condition of the patients who are either suffering or recovered from HIV/AIDS/Leprosy.
> The above mentioned criteria shall apply to students coming from all parts of Karnataka.
> Infected students/family should have domiciled in Karnataka for a minimum period of 25 years.
> Infected students/family should have lived in a hostel/orphanage/HIV-Leprosy rehabilitation centers. 
> Students or their parents suffering from Leprosy or infected with HIV/AIDS should have taken MDT or ART treatment.
> This facility is extended only for the students who are pursuing their education in Government or Government Aided Colleges.
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