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Selection of Guest Faculty
Important Notes/ Instructions to the Candidates:
  1. The above list is as per the choice of colleges made by the candidates during registration.
  2. Selection of Guest faculty will be done after verification of relevant original documents by COLLEGE PRINCIPALS.
  3. Selection will be done at respective colleges based on merit list prepared as per criteria described already.
  4. Individual candidates will be informed through PHONE, SMS and email regarding date of selection. The list of candidates who are supposed to attend for selection on a given date will also be put-up on the notice boards of the respective Colleges.  
  5. Selection starts from 03-07-2013.
  6. Applications of the Candidates who fail to produce 10 class marks card and marks cards of qualifying PG degree will be rejected.
  7. The candidates have to attend for selection on the prescribed/ notified dates without fail.
  8. Candidates have to produce the following documents in original and two photocopies of the same shall be submitted during selection. 
  • 10th class marks card as proof of register number and date of birth
  • All Marks cards of qualifying PG degree as proof of percentage of PG degree marks
  • Degree Certificates or University notifications as proof for completing PhD, MPhil - IF APPLICABLE.
  • Certificate for completing NET/ SLET exam - IF APPLICABLE.
  • Teaching Experience certificates issued by Government First Grade Principals - IF APPLICABLE.

General Instructions to Candidates:
  • Selection of Candidates is purely on ad-hoc basis.
  • All the original certificates must be produced at the time of Reporting in the college of choice.
  • The candidates selected as Guest Faculty should carry out specified hours of teaching assignment.
  • The candidate is allowed to work only in one Government First Grade College.
  • The academic assignment is only till the end of term days and as per calendar of events of the respective University or till the workload exists.
  • Applications have to be submitted ONLINE only and applications in any other form/ mode will not be accepted.
  • Number of Guest Faculty positions in Government First Grade Colleges, as per 2012-13 workload, is put-up on the website for reference only. The actual number of Guest Faculty positions may vary. Subjec-wise availability for the academic year 2013-14, in each college may be obtained from the respective colleges.