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Uploding Details of Selected Guest Faculty:

>    Principals may update details of Guest Faculty selected for
      2014-15 through the College eMIS Login.
Principals are informed to Terminate all GF selected during 2013-14 before uploading details of GF Selection for 2014-15.
Since termination date will be used for generating GF honorarium, CORRECT
termination date is VERY IMPORTANT.
Principals will be held responsible for entering WRONG termination dates.
Uploding Details of Workload in Colleges:
Subject wise "Total Hours of Workload", "Work Allotted to Regular Faculty" and "Guest Faculty Required" may be uploaded using the link "Enter Workload Details" under the dropdown menu "Guest Faculty 2014-15" in College eMIS login.
Subject-wise workload and total number of GF required may be arived at, as per the slides available HERE.
Principals are informed to UPLOAD details of workload at the earliest. THIS MAY ME TREATED AS IMPORTANT AND URGENT.
Vacancy for Guest Faculty depends on the correct entry of workload details
    Circular - Guest Faculty for 2014-15 and Annexure 27th June
    Guidelines to Colleges for Estimating Workload
Provision for uploading details of Guest Faculty, WHO WERE NOT SELECTED in your College during 2013-14 but worked in other colleges and SELECTED FOR 2014-15 in your college, is made in the College eMIS account. Principals are informed to update details of all selected GF details BEFORE SELECTING NEW GF for the vacancies.
11th July
The Steps to be followed in selection of Guest Faculty 
College-wise, Subject-wise Merit Lists generated by the
computer, as per the set criteria are available in the respective
college eMIS account.
Colleges shall start GF Selection from 5th August 2014.
Click the following web-link for the steps to be followed in GF
Selection of Guest Faculty, 2014-15  4th August
Guset Faculty Related Circular/ Letters/ Downloads
04th August
Important Notes to the Principals:  23rd Augus

>   Principals shall check the GF Selection Count in the following link with College
     records and verify for their correctness.
>   Salary for Guest Faculty will be released as per the count in the following table
>   Selected GF should be terminated ONLINE as soon as he/ she is relieved of GF
>   Provision for uploading GF selection details will continue throughout the academic
     year. Hence GF details, even if selected at latter days of the academic year,
     should be uploaded without fail.
>   Issues regarding uploading of GF selection details should be brought to the notice
     of the people concerned in the DCE Head Office.
>   Principals will be held responsible for the uploaded data on GF selection.
>   No salary will be relesed for GF whose details are not uploaded online.
  Guest Faculty Selection Count - College wise (as on 22nd August) 23rd August
Guest Faculty Selection Statistics (as on 22nd August 2014)