The Department of Collegiate Education invites ONLINE applications from eligible candidates for selection of Guest Faculty on ad-hoc basis for Government First Grade Colleges in  Karnataka. The  candidates should register through ONLINE indicating their  choice  of  colleges and by  furnishing information as per online format. Selection of candidates will be done based on Marks/ Weightage.
General Instructions to Candidates:
   Selection of Candidates is purely on ad-hoc basis.
   All the original certificates must be produced at the time of Reporting in the
       college of choice.
   The candidates selected as Guest Faculty should carry out specified hours
       of teaching assignment.
   The candidate is allowed to work only in one Government First Grade
   The academic assignment is only till the end of term days and as per 
       calendar of events of the respective University or till the workload exists.
   Applications have to be submitted ONLINE only and applications in any
       other form/ mode will not be accepted.
   After filling-up of the online format and ensuring proper entry of data, click on “Send OTP to Submit….” button.
   One-time-password (OTP) will be sent to the mobile number of the candidate through SMS (as per mobile phone number entered in online
       application form).
   Candidate has to enter OTP, received through SMS, in the box prided. In addition, security code (CAPTCHA characters) displayed on screen, has
       to be entered in the box provided, before clicking on “
Submit” button.
   Clicking the “Submit button completes the process of Registration.
   After successful Registration, system will generate and display Application ID on display screen and the same will be shared with the candidate
       through SMS and Email.

   Applications already submitted or renewed for 2018-19 or Before can be edited for making changes using Edit Submitted Form link
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