PBAS Format for the year 2013-14
   Gazette Notification - Transfer Act/Guidelines
   Circular - UGC  2F& 12B Format
   Appraisal format for Teachers by the Students
   Appraisal format about Colleges by the Students
   Circular - AMC of Computers Printers Projecters Laptops UPS

   RTI - Section 4(1)A & 4(1)B Annexure-5 - Head Office

   Circular - Manual Tender & E- Tender 21st Nov

   RTI 2005 - Public Information Officer & Appellate Authority of DCE

   RTI 2005 - A Draft Templates for Information Handbook

   CDC New Guidelines - All Govt & Pvt Aided Colleges

   Applicaton formats for E-Tendering DSC Key (Filled-in Sample Form)

   CDF Guidelines (Old)

   User Charges - GO and AMMENDMENT

   CDC Guidelines (Old and New)

   Government. Orders - Compendium Vol. I and Vol. II

   Transparency Act for Procurements (KTPP Rules 2000)

   General Delegation of Fnancial Powers to the Dept. Heads

   Disposing Unservisable Books, furniture and others

   LOGO for Right ti Information Act - Guidelines
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