The Government, in its circular ಸಿಆಸುಇ ೨೩ ತಎಇ ೨೦೧೨, has issued guidelines on
implementation of Biometric Time Attendence Monitoring Systems and has directed all the
Heads of the Deportments to implement the same before 1st November 2013. The
Honourable Lokayukta, after visiting Government Boys College Kolar, has also given
directions for implementation of Biometric Time Attendence Monitoring Systems in all
Government First Grade Colleges. Hence a decission has been taken to implement
Biometric systems in all colleges and regional offices.   
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The devices, eSSL - iFACE 302, supplied to 331 Government First Grade Colleges,
Regional Offices and Head Office are Multi Biometric Face and Finger Print
Identification Time Attendance Monitoring Systems with on-board GSM SIM
card and are configured for remote capturing of Time-Attendance using GSM based
Push Technology.
The Devices are supplied with 5 years Comprehensive Onsite Warranty.
The devices have in-built battery and require charging, like mobile handsets.
The devices are Multi Biometric capable and can record both Face and Finger Print for identification of staff.
Both Face and Finger prints of staff members shall be recorded.
For punching attendance, either Face recognition or Finger Print Identification can be used.
BOTH Face recognition and Finger Print Identification during punching of attendance are not required.
Punching attendance two times a day, one for ENTRY and another for EXIT, is mandatory.
All punching attempts are captured by the device and are recorded in the central server. However, The FIRST and the LAST punch of the day are considered as ENTRY and EXIT.
Immediately after punching of attendance by the staff, the attendance information gets recorded in the server at DCE Head office through GSM mobile signal.
The device shall be kept charged always during College working days.
The Device shall always be housed inside the metal box supplied and be kept under lock and key.
Principal shall take necessary steps to keep the Biometric device functional and available for capturing attendance.
Biometric Attendance System Architecture:
8th Aug.
Important Note to the Principals:
Enrolment of GF in Biometric Attendance Systems and Punching Attendance by GF in Biometric device are compulsory.
Guest Faculty Shall punch attendance just before the first assigned class and soon after the last assigned class on the days on which classes are assigned in Timetable.
Principals may ensure that the classes assigned to the Guest Faculty are accommodated within THREE to FOUR days of the week.
COLLEGE SERIAL NUMBER followed by the LAST FIVE DIGITS of the Application ID shall be used as the USER ID for enrolling GF in Biometric devices.
If 124 is the College Serial number and N473004723 is the Application ID of the GF then the USER ID is 12404723.
Important Note to the Principals: