About Education Management Information Systems (eMIS)

Proper Education planning requires quantitative and qualitative information. Hence a user-friendly information system is essential to ensure proper collection of data from Colleges.

  High Level View of Information Flow in Collegiate Education

Education Management Information Systems is a web-based online system for the collection, integration and dissemination of accurate and reliable information from all Government First Grade Colleges to support for informed decision making, planning, monitoring and management of collegiate education system.
The system is developed with the assistance from National Informatics Centre (NIC), Bangalore. The Server facility is also provided NIC.

                                             Functional architecture of DCE’s eMIS

Student Admission details - Category/ caste wise, Course and Combination wise, Subject wise  in each College

Student Results details - Year wise in each College

Faculty and Staff Information - Personal, Service and Academic related information in each College

Workload details of individual faculty in each College

Faculty Workload  Management System

Class Work Management - The details of faculty who have not engaged classes as per time table - with reasons

Information on Special Classes conducted by faculty

Guest Faculty Selection and Management including Work assignment and estimation of monthly honorarium for individual guest faculty - College wise and Region wise

College Infrastructure Details - Building, Library, Laboratory, Class rooms, Furniture, Computers … particulars from each College

NAAC Accreditation/ re-accreditation status and grades of Colleges

Government sanctioned funds utilization across all the Colleges

UGC grants - sanctioned and utilization details

eMIS consists of the following modules





The Modules for Capturing the following information from Colleges through eMIS are being developed and would be made available soon
Education Management
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JD Office Login

Admin Login
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