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Web-Links for Candidates
Instructions for Registration

   A candidate can REGISTER only once
   Fresh candidates who have not applied during 2015-16 can submit Application for 2016-17 using  Online Application link
   Candidate who had applied during 2015-16 can Update their application with latest information using From  Update Application link
   Guest faculty who have worked during 2015-16 but relieved due to shortage of workload can use  Update Application link
   Submitted are Updated applications for 2016-17 can be edited for making changes using edit submitted for link.
   Duplication in registration in resulting in rejection of application.
   Marked *fields are mandatory .
   The computer should be online (connected to internet) during the registration. Entering data off line is not possible.
   Enough time should be given (up to second) before some of the fields became active and available for data entry/selection.
   After filling of the format and ensuring proper entry of the data, candidate has to enter the security code (CAPTCHA character) as displayed
         in the box.
   Candidate can submit the application by clicking the ‘Submit’ button.
   After successful submission, system will generate and display Application ID.
General Instructions to Candidates:
   Selection of Candidates is purely on ad-hoc basis.
   All the original certificates must be produced at the time of Reporting in the
      college of choice.
   The candidates selected as Guest Faculty should carry out specified hours
      of teaching assignment.
   The candidate is allowed to work only in one Government First Grade
   The academic assignment is only till the end of term days and as per 
      calendar of events of the respective University or till the workload exists.
   Applications have to be submitted ONLINE only and applications in any
      other form/ mode will not be accepted.
To Retrive Applications ID and Download Acknowledgement
Instructions to Principals - GF Selection Criteria
Criteria for Selection of GF for 2016-17:
The List Provided to colleges is GF Candidate list only and It should Not be Treated as Meritlist

1.  FIRST PREFERENCE: Those candidates who worked in the RESPECTIVE  College during 2015-16.

2. SECOND PREFERENCE: Those candidates who worked in OTHER  GOVERNMENT FIRST GRADE COLLEGES as GF during 2015-16.

3.  LAST PREFERENCE: Fresh Candidates applied through online   [Order of Preference: (i) NET/SLET/PhD, (ii)Experience and (iii) Age
    of the Candidate]