Circular- Call for Objections Provisional List( A,B Zone General) 14th June
   Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP(Aug 2016) 14th June
   Circular -  Opening of Skill Development Centers at colleges  14th June
   Circular - Request Transfer Counseling Dates & Final List of Candidates & Vacancy List For Counseling (Special Case) 9th June
   Corrigendum:Transfer Orders Circular 9th  June
   Corrigendum - Transfer Order  9th June
   Corrigendum - Sanction of Higher AGP (Oct 2016)  9th June
   Introduction of Govt Amendment orders for Govt/Pvt.Aided/Law Colleges  8th  June
   Circular- Call for Objections Provisional List(C Zone Corrigendum copy)
   Regarding Police Verification pending for New Recruitment of Asst.Prof  7th  June
   Circular - NSS Officer's Trainning at Mysore  7th  June 
   Circular - Life Skills Counselling Trainning at NIMHANS,Bangalore  7th  June
   Circular - Regarding NPS-CSRF1  5th  June
   Circular - Regarding  Non vacation Teaching Staff  5th  June
   Corrigendum:Transfer Orders - Counseling held on 15-18th May 2017 2nd  June
   Circular - Call for Objections - Provisional List (Special Case only)1st June
   Transfer Orders - Counseling held on 15-18th May 2017  1st  June
   Circular - Regarding RTI  2nd  June
   Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP (Jan 2016 - Dec 2016) 31st  May
   Circular- Revision of Gradation list Pvt.Aided & B.Ed Colleges   31st May
   Circular -  Regarding SC/ST Students fees   31st May
   Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP (15th ,16th,17th & 18th list)  30th May
   Office Order - Change of joint Director (Bengaluru) 30th May
   Office Order - Change of College Name 30th May
   Circular"JEEVAN KOUSHALYA "Trainning for NSS Co-ordinators   26th May
   Circular -  Advance increment for M.Phil / Ph.D   26th May
   Circular -  World Day Against Child Labour   25th May
   Circular - SDP Grants release order 24th May
   Circular - Retirement Staff details of Govt & Pvt.Aided Colleges 24th May
   Addendum - Enhanced Family Pension  24th May
   Circular - "Changing Scenario of Libraries" one day workshop  24th May
   Circular - Higher AGP 8000-9000  24th May
   Circular - Regarding Rajiv Gandhi Loan Scholarship   24th May
   Circular - Regarding Transfer Councelling 2017-18 24th May
   Jobs - Staff selection commission  23rd May 
   Office Order - Change of Director 20th May
   Circular - Regarding Anti Terrorism Day  18th May
   Circular - Regarding Not submitted office Exp. College List 18th May
   Circular - Regarding Not submitted UC (UGC) College List  18th May
   Circular - Recruitment Post of Group A & B Gazetted Probationers 18th May
   Circular - Admission for UG Degree Fees Structure 2017-18  18th May
   A,B,C-Zone:Special Case & Final Seniorty List (ROK &HK):Counsling on 17&18th 16th May
   Circular - Transfer Counseling Dates & Final List of Candidates & Vacancy List
        For counseling 12th May
   Circular - Online Applications for 2017-18 GeneralTransfer 12th May
   Showcause Notice-Regarding Free Laptop Scheme to SC/ST Students
   Circular - Sale of Teachers day Flags  15th May
   Circular - Higher AGP PCI &Lib  11th May
   Circular - Lead College List  11th May
   Circular - Regarding increasing College Admissions 2017-18  10th May
   Corrigendum of  Family Pension order 10h May
   Rescheduling of one day workshop for NSS Programme  10th May
   Office Order - Change of Regional Joint Directors and Spl Officer 5th May
   Circular - Regarding Recruitment of Assistant Professors  5th May
   Circular - Regarding HRMS Pay Bill and other Bill Corrections 5th May
   Circular - Regarding Foreign tour,Seminar permission5th May 
   Circular - Fees Relaxation for verification of PG & Ph.D certificates  5th May
   Circular - Bengaluru Arogya Utsava  4th May
   Advanced increment for Teaching Staff- M.Phil/Ph.D outside Karnataka 
   Circular - Testing of midday meals in Govt & Pvt.Aided Colleges  3rd May
   Circular - Reagarding Guest faculty Honorarium  28th Apr
   Circular - Science Colleges -Lab Equipments,consumables,Books  28th Apr
   Circular - Regarding OOD Permissions  28th Apr
   Circular - Cancellation of PHD Advance Increment  27th Apr
   Circular - Submitting Utilization Certifications Reagarding UGC Amount  
   Superannuation - Dircetor Dce 24th Apr
  Circular - Jobs in Indian Army 24th Apr
  Circular - Zonewise College List 24th Apr
   Circular - Call for Objections - Provisional Seniorty &  Vacancy List
   Circular - One Day Workshop  - NSS Coordinators 21st Apr
   Circular - One Day Workshop - Scouts and Guides Coordinators 21st Apr
   Circular - Permitting Govt/Aided College Buildings for Excise dept exam 20th Apr
   Circular - World Water Day 20th Apr
   Circular - Grants Requirement format 2017-18 20th Apr 
   URGENT: Circular - eMIS Upload  7th Apr
   Circular - Science Exhibition  7th Apr
   Circular - Regarding AG Audit  7th Apr
   Circular - Guest faculty selection without appliaction ID  7th Apr
   Circular - Regarding Free Laptop Scheme to SC/ST Students  5th Apr
   Circular - AGP List  5th Apr
   Circular - Furnishing information regarding ICT Equipments (Rusa colleges) 5th Apr
   Job Mela - Govt first Grade Colleges  3rd Apr
   Circular - withhold of Promotions  3rd Apr
   Circular - Furnishing information regarding SDP Grants 3rd Apr
   Circular - EDUSAT Program Schedule for April 2017 1st Apr 
   Release of Grants - Plan Colleges - UnskilledEmployees,Electricity  20th March 
   Addendum for SDP Grants   23rd March
   Govt Order - Regarding SDP Grants 23rd March
   Circular - Education allowance for Special Children of Govt Employees 23rd March 
   Release of Grants - SDP Grants for Building works 20th March
   Office Order - Change of Mysore Region in-Charge Joint Director 20th March
   Circular - EDUSAT Program Schedule for March 2017 16th March
   Circular - Placement cell - Activities,Job Mela Documentation 16th March
   Circular - Submission of CR's, Assets and Liabilities 14th March 
   Circular - KEA Recruitment-Regarding Caste validity Certificate  14th March
   Circular - Sanction of Higher A.G.P 8th March 
   Circular - Release of NAAC and Science Grants for Books,Furnitures  7th March 
   Circular - Placement Cell Training 7th March
   Circular - Termination of Service of Outsourced Group D Employees  6th March 
   Release of Grants - Library Books  6th March
   Circular - Regarding Extension of UGC Scale for Part time Regularised staff 28thFeb
   Circular - A.G.P.Correction list 28thFeb 
   Circular - Grade 1 Principal Gradation list 28thFeb
   Release of Grants -  Plan College salary  28thFeb 
   Circular - Short term Tender for Cartridges  28thFeb
   Circular - Permitting Govt/Aided College Buildings to 2017 SSLC/PUC Exams  28thFeb
   Circular - Regarding KEA  Recruitment 28thFeb
   Circular - Submition of Confidential Reports of  Nonteaching Faculty  27thFeb
   Circular - Regarding submission of Utilisation certficates to Head office 23rd  Feb
   Circular - Regarding HRMS  23rd Feb
   Valid NAAC Status on Accreditation of  Govt Colleges list 23rd  Feb
   Workshop:Principals and Placement officer - Hassan District 22nd Feb
   Circular - Regarding Recruitment of Asst Professor in Govt colleges  22nd Feb
   Regarding SBI Probationary officer Recruitment 22nd Feb
   Circular - Submition of Confidential Reports of  Nonteaching Faculty 15thFeb
   Circular - Jobmela @ GFGC Pavagada,Magadi,Bagepalli 15thFeb
   Circular - UGC Arrears 13thFeb
   Circular - Release of Grants - NAAC Accreditation & Reaccreditation 13th Feb
   Circular - Regarding DressCode,Medical checkup,Part time Regularisation 9thFeb
   Circular - Furnishing Information Regarding Guest Faculty Honorarium 9thFeb
   Release of Grants -  Unskilled labour  7th Feb
   Circular - Regarding Part time Regularisation  7th Feb
   Deputation of Staff - NAAC Accreditation Process Colleges  7th Feb
   Release of Grants for ICT Facilities - Autonomus Colleges   3rd Feb
   Release of Grants- New Colleges -Computers, UPS & MF Printers 3rd Feb
   Release of Grants -  Replacing old U.P.S Batteries   3rd Feb
   Release of Grants -  Govt Colleges  3rd Feb
   Circular - Advance incriments for P.H.D and Mphil Candidates  2nd Feb
   Circular - Regarding Higher A.G.P Proposals pending @PVT Aided Colleges
   Circular - Edusat Program Schedule for feb 2017  1st Feb
   Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP (12,13,14th list) 1st Feb  
   Regarding AGP - P.H.D and Mphil exemption 1st Feb
   Circular - Regarding Furnishing Grant Details every month to Head Office 1st Feb 
   Circular - Regarding Pension Proposal Govt Colleges 30th  Jan
   Jobmela - Tumkur and Tiptur 30th  Jan
   Circular - Regarding Pension Proposal 30th  Jan
   Employement Exchange - Job Mela and Study Circle 28th  Jan
   Govt Order - Submission of Bills to  Treasury 28th  Jan
   Circular - National Voters Day 19th  Jan
   Circular - Reagarding Science Grants 19th  Jan
   Circular - Traning - Placement Cell Coordinators 19th  Jan
   Circular - Regarding Faculty Class Video Recordings in Govt & Aided Colleges
   Circular - UGC Arears -Staff Appointed before 1-1-2006 19th  Jan
   Circular - Furnishing Grant Details every month to Head Office 19th  Jan
   Circular - Placement - Staff appointed on Staff - Gap Basis 19th  Jan
   Notification - Appointment of Retired Judges 19th  Jan
   Release of grants - NAAC Accreditation & Reaccreditation 13th  Jan  
   Endorsement Copy - Guest Faculty 18th  Jan
   Circular - Regarding 19/09/2007 - P.H.D / MPhil Advance increment
   Circular - Paricipation of  Sri Babu Jagjivan Ram all india level Essay competition
   Circular - Swamy Vivekananda Jayanthi- Election Commission of india Order 16th  Jan
   Circular - Grant Release Details - Swamy Vivekananda Jayanthi 15th  Jan
   Circular - Swamy Vivekananda Jayanthi-District Nodal Officers 15th  Jan
   Circular - Celebrating Swami Vivekananda Jayanti - BBMP Limits Colleges 13th  Jan
   Release of grants - Regarding Celebrating Swami Vivekananda Jayanti 13th  Jan 
   Circular - Regarding Foreign and Haj tour Permissions 11th  Jan
   Circular - continuation of  Spoken Tutorials Program11th  Jan
   Circular - Training for Emergency and Fire Safety for Students11th  Jan
   NOC - Letters11th  Jan
   Circular - Celebrating Swami Vivekananda Jayanti - National Yuva Sapthaha 9th  Jan
   NOC - Letters9th  Jan
   Meeting Circular - Video Conference with Principals of 412 Govt First Grade colleges   
   Circular - Participation of GFGC students- Youth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017  6th  Jan
   Circular - Corrigendum of  Higher  AGP  2nd  Jan
   Release of grants - Plan College Salary  2nd  Jan 
   Meeting Notice  - Workshop on NAAC Accreditation & Reaccreditation  2nd Jan