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Department of Collegiate Education, with its inception in the year 1960, has been striving to make
quality higher education affordable and accessible to all sections of students. With a firm concern
for the overall development of the students, the Department has been taking keen interest to see
that students belonging to the most backward communities, women and rural students are not
deprived of the accessibility to tertiary education.

The Department manages planning, administration and funding of 411 government and 321 private
aided colleges across the state with the help of six regional offices located at  Bangalore, Mysore,
Mangalore, Shimoga, Dharwad and Gulbarga. (Read More)
"Serial Numbers of Government First Grade Colleges, including 49 New Colleges"
  ⬗ Circular -  Sanction of Higher AGP 9th Oct
Circular -  Regarding Skill Development Program 9th Oct
Circular -  NIMHANS Trainning  9th Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Regarding Remedial Classes  9th Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Distrubution of laptops for SC-ST Students 6th Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Edusat Program Schedule - October2017 6th Oct
Circular -  NOC Letters for the post of FDA,SDA  7th Oct
  ⬗ Circular - Withholding of OOD Principal Counseling 6th Oct
  ⬗ Show Cause notice : Regarding eMIS Upload 6th Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  NOC Letters for the post of FDA,SDA 3rd Oct  
OfficialMemorandum -  Regarding First salary -2017 Asst Prof 3rd Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Deputation orders3rd Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Regarding post shfiting3rd Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Resource Persons for Scouts Training28th Sep
Circular -  Counseling - OOD Principals 26th Sep
  ⬗ Circular -  Regarding Special officers in DCE 26th Sep
  ⬗ Circular -  Submission of MPhil Documents 26th Sep
  ⬗ Circular -  Post Shifting Orders 26th Sep
  ⬗ Corigendum - Assistant Professors Appointment/Placement Orders 26th Sep
  ⬗ 2017-18 Assistant Professors Appointment/Placement Orders 22nd Sep
Circular- Regarding Advance PHD  Incriments 22nd Sep
  ⬗ Circular- Workload Distrubution for Govt. and Aided College 22nd Sep
  ⬗ Circular- Installation of CC Cameras for Classrooms 22nd Sep
  ⬗ Circular- Laboratory Uniform in Science Classes 22nd Sep
  ⬗ Circular - KEA Asst.Prof - Non receipt of Relevant Documents 22nd Sep
Circular-Regarding UGC Arrears 22nd Sep
  ⬗ Circular-Bharat Scouts and Guides Trainning program 22nd Sep
  ⬗ Circular-Non Teaching Deputaion order 22nd Sep
Circular-Enterperneurship awareness program 20th Sep
  ⬗ Circular-Regarding Sarvotam Award -Govt Employees 18th Sep 
Circular-Submission of Non-Taxable Income Details 18th Sep
  ⬗ Circular-Regarding one day stay at Govt Colleges for Jain Pilgrims 18th Sep
  ⬗ Circular-Placement Cell - FDA / SDA Post 15th Sep 
Circular-Post Shifting Management Subject Post 15th Sep
  ⬗ Circular-November 26- Constitution Day 15th Sep
  ⬗ Circular-Extension of 2006 UGC Pay Scale 14th Sep
  ⬗ Circular- Shifting of HK Cadre post 14th Sep
  ⬗ Circular- NIMHANS Trainning(7th Batch) 14th Sep
  ⬗ Circular- Information Regarding  Teaching & Non Teaching Deputation 14th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular- Regarding Pvt.aided College in-charge Principals   14th Sep 
Circular - Regarding Unskilled Parttime menials 14th  Sep
  ⬗ Circular - Filling of Teaching Staff post in Pvt.Aided Colleges 14th  Sep  
Addendum & corrigendum - Special Transfer Order  14th Sep 
  ⬗ Nationwide competition to create awareness about legal rights of women 
Circular-Regarding Tele Education   14th Sep 
  ⬗ Office order- Incharge Joint Directors   14th Sep 
Circular-Placement DA and other Allowance   12th Sep
Circular-Extension of 2006 UGC Pay Scale 12th Sep
  Circular-Regarding UGC Arears   12th Sep 
Circular- Information Regarding Attenders in GFGC  12th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular-Sanction of Higher AGP   12th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular - KEA Asst.Prof.-Counseling Date &Venue 11th  Sep
  ⬗ Corrigendum Orders-KEA Asst.Prof recruitment 2017-18 11th  Sep 
Circular - "ADALAT" Program at Regional Office Level 11th  Sep  
Circular-One Day Workshop on Placement Cell -Dharwad Region  8th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular-Faculty along with Post Shifting Orders  8th Sep 
Circular-Furnishing Information Regarding Foreign Students 8th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP  8th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular-Regarding UGC Arears  8th Sep   
Circular-Regarding Ph.D Advance Incriments 6th Sep
  ⬗ Govt Order - Stagnation Increment 6th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular-Regarding Edusat Program  6th Sep 
  ⬗ Circular-Submission of CR Reports of Nonteaching Staff 6th Sep 
  ⬗ Corrigendum-Regarding Selection of Guest Faculty for the year 2017-18 5th Set 
Circular: NAAC Grant Release 5th  Sep
  ⬗ Circular: Regrading NIMHANS Training 5th  Sep
Post Shifting Orders -Management,Commerce,Geography 1st  Sep
  ⬗ Circular - Grant Relase Order -Schoalrship 1st  Sep
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding Selection of Guest faculty for the Year 2017-18 31st  Aug
  ⬗ Corrigendum - Regarding UGC Arears 31st  Aug 
Circular - Rally for Rivers 31st  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Edusat Program Schedule for September 2017 31st  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - KEA Asst.Prof.-Counseling Date &Venue 30th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Furnishing information regarding Data Entry Operators  30th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Refund of fees of Farmers Childerns  30th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Update UGC Arrears through eMIS (Pvt.Aided Colleges)   28th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - MHRD Scholarship renewal through ONLINE   28th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding UGC Arrears for appoinments after 1.1.2006 28th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Updation of Student Admissions & Results in eMIS  28th  Aug 
Circular - Regarding NPS-CSRF1    28th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Scholarship for HIV/LEPROSY affected Student   28th  Aug
  ⬗ Showcause Notice - incorrect workload in eMIS  28th  Aug
Post Shifting Order - Criminology Subject  28th  Aug
Circular - Regarding Selection of Guest faculty for the Year 2017-18   24th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - One Day workshop -Placementcell (Mangaluru)  24th  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - KEA Asst.Prof. -Commerce subject-Counseling Date &Venue 23rd  Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Computer Litrecy Test  23rd  Aug
Corrigendum Order - Transfer Order  23rd  Aug
Circular - Regarding Skill Development Program  23rd  Aug
Circular - Regarding Spoken tutorials Program  23rd  Aug
Circular - Sadbhavana Diwas / Communal Harmony Fortnight 19th Aug
Circular - RUSA Colleges Physical Verification team list 19th Aug
Circular-Academic Audit in Colleges - ( Download - Academic Audit Format)
  ⬗ Circular - Postpone of Computer Science Subject Online Counselling from
      16th Aug to 19th Aug
14th Aug
Circular - Aided College - Joint Account Funds 18th Aug
Circular - Regarding Travel allowance 18th Aug
Circular - Regarding FIP/FDP Status 18th Aug
Circular - Regarding UGC arrears 16th Aug 
Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP (May 2017) 14th Aug
Circular -  Regarding Post Shifting 14th Aug
Circular - State level Cultural Program 14th Aug
Circular - Permission to conduct Kannada Chintane Program 14th Aug
Circular - Transfer Order - Counselling held from 01.08.17 to 08.08.17 13th Aug
Circular - Regarding Change of Principal 11th Aug
Circular - Regarding Grants for unskilled labourers 11th Aug
Circular - NAAC Peer team visit grant release 10th Aug
Circular - Non Teaching Staff Promotion Details 10th Aug
Circular-Remittance of Amount deposited in the Joint account (Pvt.Aided) 9th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding AGP 7000 & 8000    9th Aug 
Circular - Regarding KAT Application of Halleshappa & others 9th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding - Report on Drugs & affects    9th Aug
  ⬗ Video Conference with Pvt.Aided Principals on 10.08.17 Regarding Biometric 
      Attendance System
  8th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding NSS in Colleges    8th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - C to A Zone Counselling Teaching Staff list 08.08.17    7th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - NSS Trainning 8th Batch    7th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding Research Guideship Transfers    7th Aug -
Circular - Regarding Travel Allowance    7th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - KEA Asst.Prof. 2nd List Commerce Subject    7th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - KEA Asst.Prof. - Regarding pending Candidates    7th Aug
Circular - KEA Asst.Prof. Counselling Guidelines    7th Aug
Circular - KEA Asst.Prof. 2nd List information    7th Aug    
Circular - C to A Zone Teaching Staff Counselling on 08.08.17    6th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - Application Format - SC/ST Free Laptop Scheme 2016-17 5th Aug
Circular - KEA Assistant Prof. submission of Relavant Documents 5th Aug
Notice - KEA Assistant Prof. Candidates  5th Aug
Circular - C Zone Teaching Staff Counselling(06.08.17) - instructions5th Aug
  ⬗ C Zone Teaching Staff Counselling Vacancy List(06.08.17)5th Aug
  ⬗ Circular - KEA Assistant Prof. Recruitment Counselling Schedule 4th Aug
Circular- C Zone Teaching Staff Counselling Venue & Date Candidate List 4th Aug  
Circular- Installation of  Bio-Metric Time Attendance Systems in Pvt.Aided   
  4th Aug
"A Zone" Subjectwise Vacancy List for Counselling 3rd Aug
Circular: "B Zone" Teaching Staff Transfer Counselling Venue & Date  3rd  Aug 
Placement Cell - One Day Workshop at GFGCW Maddur 3rd Aug
Video Conference with Principals on 03.08.17 Regarding G.E.R 2nd Aug
Circular - NAAC Workshop on 09.08.2017 2nd Aug
Circular - PG Fees Structure for 2017-18 2nd Aug
"B Zone" Subjectwise Vacancy List (02.08.2017) 31st  July
"B Zone" Subjectwise Vacancy List (01.08.2017) 31st  July
Corrigendum :Shifting of Post 31st  July
Circular - GuideLines - Selection of Guest Faculty for The Year 2017-18 31st  July
Circular: "C Zone" Teaching Staff Transfer Counselling Venue & Date
      - Candidate List
  29th  July         
Office Order :Incharge of Shimoga Joint Director 28th  July
  ⬗ Establishment of Model Colleges in Educationally Backward Dist.29th  July
Circular: Edusat Program Schedule for August 2017 29th  July
Urgent :Circular: List of Villages with Low GER  29th  July
Circular: NIMHANS Training ( 6th Batch) 29th  July
Circular - Postponement of KEA Asst Prof Recruitment Counselling 28th  July
Office Order :Shifting of Post  28th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Regarding College Timing  28th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Video Conference with Principals on 29th July Regarding G.E.R
KEA Asst Prof Recruitment - Non Recipect of Relevant Documents  26th july
Office Order : Incharge of Additional / Joint Director 26th  July
Circular: Regarding Transfer Order 26th  July
Circular: Higher AGP 6000-7000 (April 2017) 26th  July
Corrigendum : Higher AGP  26th  July
Circular: Regarding Plan & Non Plan Colleges  26th  July
Circular: Regarding Incharge Principals (Transfers)  25th  July
  ⬗ Corrigendum & Addendum :Post Shifting  25th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Bharat Scouts & Guides Training  25th  July 
Circular: NSS Training  25th  July
  ⬗ NIMHANS Training from 31.7.17 (Mysore & Mangalore Region)  25th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Regarding Tele Education Program  24th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Regarding UGC Arears 24th  July
  ⬗ Official memorandum :Placement Cell Annual Plan  24th  July
  ⬗ Office Order: Release of Building Grants  24th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Regarding Higher AGP 9000(Govt Colleges)  22nd  July
Corrigendum: Two Days Workshop for WCMS,RUSA ICT Initiatives  21st  july
Circular: Placement cell - One day workshop - Mysuru District  21st  july
Circular: EDUSAT Program Schedule for the month of July 21st july
Circular: OOD Ambedekar International Conference  21st  july
  ⬗ Circular: NIMHANS Training - 5th Batch( List of Participants) 21st  July
  ⬗ Circular: AGP Correction List 15th  July
Circular: Regarding Held-Up of Guest Faculty Selection 2017-18  18th july
Office Order- Shifting of Posts 18th july
Circular - Utilization certificate For Science Grants 18th july
Circular - Workshop on Taboco Usage Problems- Blore Rural 18th july 
Meeting Notice - NAAC 18th july
  ⬗ KEA Asst Prof Recruitment - Non Recipect of Relevant Documents  15th july
  ⬗ Circular: NIMHANS Training - 4th Batch( List of Participants)  15th  July
Circular: List of Colleges not provided information  14th  July
Circular: Expenditure Grant Release  14th  July
Higher AGP 8000-9000 (Pvt.Aided Colleges)  14th  July
Circular: Regarding Guest Faculty Selection 2017-18  14th  July
Circular: Student Placement-  Job Mela  13th  July
  ⬗ Circular: NIMHANS Training  13th  July
Circular: NSS Training - 6th Batch  13th  July
  ⬗ Circular:Regarding M.Phil/Ph.D Degree in Distance mode  13th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Regarding Guest faculty Selection For the year 2017-18  10th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Transfer Orders and Corrigendum  10th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Continuation of Spoken Tutorials Program  10th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Regarding Language Scholarship  10th  July
  ⬗ Circular: Student Placementcell - Employement Exchange officers list  10th  July
  ⬗ Circular: NSS Training - 5th Batch  7th  July  
Circular: Student Placementcell - DIC Officers list 6th  July
Non-Teaching Transfer Orders - Counseling Held on 30th June2017  6th july
KEA Asst Prof Recruitment - Candidate List submitted to Government 6th july
  ⬗ Circular: Regarding College timings  6th  July 
  ⬗ Circular: NIMHANS Training - 4th Batch  4th  July 
  ⬗ Transfer Orders - Counseling Held on 23 & 24 June2017  3rd july 
KEA Asst Prof Recruitment - Non Recipect of Relevant Documents  3rd july
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding Phd,MPhill Advance Incriments  3rd july
KEA Asst Prof Recruitment - Submission of NET Certifiactes(Color Zerox) 1st  July 
Release of Science Grants-Lab Equipments Chemicals/Consumables 1st  July
  ⬗ Circular:Establishment of Student Placementcell 2017-18 1st  July
  ⬗ Circular:Active participation of Alumini Association1st  July
  ⬗ Circular: Admissions for PUE Supplementary Exam Passed Students1st  July
  ⬗ Circular: Inviting Industrialists for Student welfare1st  July
  ⬗ Circular: NSS Training - 4th Batch 29th  June 
  ⬗ Instructions for Candidates Selected for Asst Prof Post Through KEA
  ⬗ Circular-NonTeaching staff - Final list and Vacancy for Counseling
      ( A,B,C Zone - ROK and HK )
  28th June 
Circular-NonTeaching - Call for Objections Provisional List
      ( A,B,C Zone - ROK and HK )
  24th June
  ⬗ Circular - Selection of Guest Faculty for the year 2017-18  24th  June  
Release of Grants - IQAC  24th  June
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding Recruitment of Assistant professors  24th  June
  ⬗ Circular: Allocation of Scholarships-2017-18 Year's Students 22nd  June
  ⬗ Circular: NIMHANS Training -3rd Batch 22nd  June
  ⬗ Circular - Grade-1 Principal Transfer Counseling Dates For Counseling
Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP  21st June
Circular - Request Transfer Counseling Dates & Final List of Candidates
      Vacancy List For Counseling (General)
20th June
Circular: NSS Traning -3rd Batch  19th  June 
Circular- Scouts and Guides - Rovers Traning-1st Batch 19th June  
Circular - Utilization of Scouts and Guides funds 19th June
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding Land Encrochment of GFGC 19th June
Transfer Orders - Counseling held on 12th June 2017 14th  June 
Circular- Call for Objections Provisional List( A,B Zone General) 14th June
  ⬗ Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP(March2017) 14th June
Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP(Aug 2016) 14th June
   Circular -  Opening of Skill Development Centers at colleges  14th June
   Circular - Request Transfer Counseling Dates & Final List of Candidates
       Vacancy List For Counseling (Special Case)
9th June
   Corrigendum:Transfer Orders Circular 9th  June
   Corrigendum - Transfer Order  9th June
   Corrigendum - Sanction of Higher AGP (Oct 2016)  9th June 
   Introduction of Govt Amendment orders for Govt/Pvt.Aided/Law Colleges  8th  June
   Circular- Call for Objections Provisional List(C Zone Corrigendum copy)
   Regarding Police Verification pending for New Recruitment of Asst.Prof 7th  June
   Circular - NSS Officer's Trainning at Mysore  7th  June 
   Circular - Life Skills Counselling Trainning at NIMHANS,Bangalore  7th  June
   Circular - Regarding NPS-CSRF1  5th  June
   Circular - Regarding  Non vacation Teaching Staff 5th  June
   Corrigendum:Transfer Orders - Counseling held on 15-18th May 2017 2nd  June
   Circular - Call for Objections - Provisional List (Special Case only)1st June
   Transfer Orders - Counseling held on 15-18th May 2017  1st  June
   Circular - Regarding RTI  2nd  June
   Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP (Jan 2016 - Dec 2016) 31st  May
   Circular- Revision of Gradation list Pvt.Aided & B.Ed Colleges   31st May
   Circular -  Regarding SC/ST Students fees   31st May
   Circular - Sanction of Higher AGP (15th ,16th,17th & 18th list)  30th May
⬗   Office Order - Change of joint Director (Bengaluru) 30th May
   Office Order - Change of College Name 30th May
   Circular"JEEVAN KOUSHALYA "Trainning for NSS Co-ordinators   26th May
   Circular -  Advance increment for M.Phil / Ph.D   26th May
   Circular -  World Day Against Child Labour   25th May
   Circular - SDP Grants release order  24th May
   Circular - Retirement Staff details of Govt & Pvt.Aided Colleges 24th May
   Addendum - Enhanced Family Pension  24th May
   Circular - "Changing Scenario of Libraries" one day workshop  24th May
   Circular - Higher AGP 8000-9000  24th May
   Circular - Regarding Rajiv Gandhi Loan Scholarship   24th May
   Circular - Regarding Transfer Councelling 2017-18 24th May
  ⬗ Circular - Counseling-Faculty Working in PVT Aided PU Colleges 17th Oct
  ⬗ Circular - NIMHANS Trainning  17th Oct
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding Special Allowance to principals 13th Oct
Naac Meeting Notice-Gulburga Region Colleges 13th Oct
  ⬗ Circular - Extension of UGC Scale - PVT Aided Law Colleges 13th Oct
  ⬗ Circular - Regarding Special Allowance to principals 13th Oct
Circular -  Regarding New Employee Addition in HRMS13th Oct
  ⬗ OfficialMemorandum - Foundation Training for 2017-18 Batch Faculty
  ⬗ OfficialMemorandum -  Regarding First salary -2017 Asst Prof 13th Oct
  ⬗ Call for Quatation 13th Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Regarding Submission of MPhil Documents 9th Oct
  ⬗ Circular -  Sanction of Higher AGP 9th Oct
Circular -  Regarding Skill Development Program 9th Oct
Non Teaching Staff Provisional Gradation List As per Supreme Court Directions
         Call for ObjectionS (ROK & HK)
         (Deputy Director,Asst Director,Gazetted Manager, Superintendent,FDA,SDA 
          Attenders,Stenographers,Senior Typist,Typist)
  Library Manual 4th  Sep
  Physical Education Manual 4th  Sep
   Govt order-Continuation Order for Plan colleges - 2015-16 1st Aug
   Circular - Delegation of Financial Powers 3rd July
   Gradation list - Managers (Hydrabad Karanatka) 10th Nov
   Final Gradation list - Superintendent & FDA 6th Nov
   Final Gradation list -  Asst.Directors & Gazetted Managers 5th Nov
   Gradation list - SDA 30th Oct
   EDUSAT Program Schedule for October 2014
   Draft Rules - Recruitment of Faculty through CET (Gazette Copy)
   Staff Enrolment Procedure for eSSL (iFACE 302) Biometric Device
   Guidelines for RUSA lDP Evaluation 8th Aug.
   Circular - RUSA 5th August
   RUSA :Budget Formats to be filled 
   RUSA: List of Colleges for IDP Review
   Govt order-Continuation Order for Plan colleges
   Notification - Transfer Rules 2014-15 4th July
   RUSA Updated Formats 30th June
            Colleges            Regional Coordinators
   Circular - AMC of Computers Printers Projecters Laptops UPS
   RTI - Section 4(1)A & 4(1)B Annexure-5 - Head Office
   Circular - Manual Tender & E- Tender 21st Nov
   RTI 2005 - Public Information Officer & Appellate Authority of DCE
   RTI 2005 - A Draft Templates for Information Handbook
   CDC New Guidelines - All Govt & Pvt Aided Colleges
   Applicaton formats for E-Tendering DSC Key (Filled-in Sample Form)
   CDF Guidelines (Old)
   User Charges - GO and AMMENDMENT
   CDC Guidelines (Old and New)
   Government. Orders - Compendium Vol. I and Vol. II
   Transparency Act for Procurements (KTPP Rules 2000)
   General Delegation of Fnancial Powers to the Dept. Heads
   Disposing Unservisable Books, furniture and others
   LOGO for Right ti Information Act - Guidelines
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Upload :Edusat Attendance Report for the month of Sept 2017    

  ⬗ Announcement -2017-18 Assistant Professors Recruitment 13th Oct
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