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Department of Collegiate Education, with its inception in the year 1960, has
been striving to make quality higher education affordable and accessible to all
sections of students. With a firm concern for the overall development of the
students, the Department has been taking keen interest to see that students
belonging to the most backward communities, women and rural students are
not deprived of the accessibility to tertiary education.

The Department manages planning, administration and funding of 362
government and 315 private aided colleges across the state with the help of
six regional offices located at  Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga,
Dharwad and Gulbarga. (Read More)
   PBAS Format for the year 2013-14
   Gazette Notification - Transfer Act/Guidelines
   Circular - UGC  2F& 12B Format
   Appraisal format for Teachers by the Students
   Appraisal format about Colleges by the Students
   Circular - AMC of Computers Printers Projecters Laptops UPS

   RTI - Section 4(1)A & 4(1)B Annexure-5 - Head Office

   Circular - Manual Tender & E- Tender 21st Nov

   RTI 2005 - Public Information Officer & Appellate Authority of DCE

   RTI 2005 - A Draft Templates for Information Handbook

   CDC New Guidelines - All Govt & Pvt Aided Colleges

  Applicaton formats for E-Tendering DSC Key (Filled-in Sample Form)

   CDF Guidelines (Old)

   User Charges - GO and AMMENDMENT

   CDC Guidelines (Old and New)

   Government. Orders - Compendium Vol. I and Vol. II

   Transparency Act for Procurements (KTPP Rules 2000)

   General Delegation of Fnancial Powers to the Dept. Heads

   Disposing Unservisable Books, furniture and others

   LOGO for Right ti Information Act - Guidelines
"Serial Numbers of Government First Grade Colleges"
  UPLOAD: Edusat Program Students Attendance Report 7th April

  UPLOAD: Naipunya Nidhi Training Details (Till 31st March) 3rd April

  Internet connections for colleges under NMEICT Scheme 9th April

  Utilization Certificate - Edusat RoT Grants 7th April

  Salary Grants - February 2014 29th March

  Plan Colleges Salary Grants - January & February 2014 27th March

  Circular - Performance Based Analysis Scheme(PBAS) for the year 2013-14

  Circular - Workshop on Websites for all colleges 25th March
  Circular - Utilization certificate & Surrendering of remaining Grants 25th March
  Circular - Websites for all colleges 24th March

  Circular - Conducting ANGLA Exams at Colleges 24th March

  Circular - Honoraium for Guest Faculty 20th March
  Plan Colleges Salary Grants - January 2014 21st March
  Circular - Submitting Annual Performance Report,Assets & Liabalities
  Office order -Post Sanctioned for New Colleges 18th March
  Circular - Grants for Global Shapers Program 18th March
  Office order -Post Sanctioned for New Colleges 18th March
  Gazette Notification - Transfer Act/Guidelines 15th March
  Release of Grants - Naipunyanidhi Program 14th March
  Release of Grants - Office Exp., Electric and Water charges 13th March
  Release of Grants - For NAAC Accreditation and Re-Accreditation 13th March
  Release of Grants - Preparing for Autonomy, for 5 Colleges 13th March
  Circular - Workshop on NAAC Accredation & RE - Accreditation 10th Mar
  Circular - Information pertaining to Naipunyanidhi & Corporate leadership
        Training Program
10th March

  Circular - Workshop on NAAC Accredation & RE - Accreditation 10th Mar
  Release of Grants - Building Repairs,Compound,Borewell,Power 10th Mar
  Release of Grants -Govt First Grade colleges-Offexp,Unskilled& Etc 10th Mar
  Circular - Providing College Building for Election Related Work 7th March
  Release of Grants - Salary Grants for Plan Colleges 7th March
  Call for Objections on Seniority List for Principals in-charge and College List
        with Principal Vacancy
6th March
  Circular - Transfer and Deputation 5th March

  Transfer Order - College Faculty 5th March
  Grants Released - Conengency for Non Plan Colleges 5th March
  Circular - Implimenting NAIPUNYANIDHI Program 3rd March
  Revised Grants released - Building Repairs 3rd march
  Circular - Edusat Program & March-2014 Time table 24th Feb
  NSDC - STAR Program phase-II Allotment 24th Feb

  Grants released - NAAC - peer team visit 24th Feb
  Circular - UGC  2F& 12B 24th Feb
  Poster - National Science Day 24th Feb
  Circular - Pending Bill Details of Teaching & Nonteaching 24th Feb
  Circular -Corporate Leadership Training 2013-14 21st Feb
  Revised Grants released - Building Repairs18th Feb
  Grants released Furnitures -Newly Opened Colleges14th Feb

  Ggradation list - SDA ,Peons10th Feb
  Grants released - Furniture,Rent,Office Expenditure10th Feb
  Circular - Skill Training Program for Students, 2013-14 17th Feb
  Circular - Shree RajivGandhi Scholarship & Guidelines 10th Feb
  BEd College's UGC arrears format10th Feb
  Grants released - NAAC - Accreditation & RE - Accreditation 5th Feb
  Circular -IQAC Guidelines5th Feb
  Circular - Teachers Appraisals5th Feb

  Harnessing Innovative potential of youth 4th Feb

   Circular - Regulation of Court Cases 10th Jan

  NAAC - Accreditation & RE -Accreditation 7th Jan

  Circular - Inventory Programme & Maintaining Stock register 7th Jan

   Circular - Information about Pvt Aided Colleges 2nd Jan
   Circular from Bangalore JD Office -Yearly Statement of Salaries 2nd Jan
   Circular - Guest Faculty Selection 2013 28th Dec
   Appointment of Asst Professor - Syllabus for CET 2nd Jan
   Grants Released - October 2013 Salary for Plan Colleges 2nd Jan
   Circular - Edusat/College TimeTable 28th Dec
   Probationary Period Declaration & Extension - Librarians 28th Dec

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